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ALUMINIUM OFFICE PARTITIONING: The very best in office partitioning is the fully de-mountable and re-locatable partitioning systems in Nigeria, this provide an international standard of sound reduction and fire protection, this partitioning can be built as fully solid walls using two skin of gypsum boards, with a vinyl factory applied finished,
half glass walls, as well as other combinations. This twins skin system allow for cable and conductors to be run inside the partitioning, reducing the need for additional tracking. The system is a totally pre-fabricated Aluminium systems allowing for easily installations and further alteration thereby leaving no space for unsightly surface fixing.
FAST WALL ALUMINIUM PARTITIONING SYSTEM: this is an international standard of Aluminium partitioning which is equip with state-of-art facilities, best for specialty and provide sound reduction and its fire proof. This medium can also be build for solid walls using twin sheets of gypsum boards with steel studs in the partitions, thus reducing the need for additional tracking, also available in full glass walls, half glass with any other combination.


     ROOFING OF ANY KIND: this encompasses the fabrication and installation of Aluminium products of various design, long span, step tile etc. For building of any height
    ALUMINIUM WINDOWS AND DOORS: fabrication and installation of Aluminium doors, windows, full glass partitioning and doors.
     STEEL WORKS AND HAND RAIL: fabrication and installation of hand rail and steel products.






The company has within its years of operation, been involved in diverse and ambitious projects and
supply of goods all over the length and breadth of this country, our technical ability, creativity exposure
and wealth of experience has been further emboldened by our desire to add values to you.